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June 14, 2011 / Tracey

Review: Walking in Light | Kelvin Cruickshank

For those that don’t know, Kelvin Cruickshank is a psychic medium from the TV show Sensing Murder hosted by Rebecca Gibney. Born and raised in New Zealand, Walking In Light is his first book and it was a quick and easy read.

In the beginning, Kelvin takes us back to his childhood and I was surprised to read about the Maori influences in his upbringing. His gift frightened him as a child and it was interesting to find out he is a chef by trade and did this for many years, changing jobs quite often.

I was shocked to read about the negative influence of a particular person in Kelvin’s life, although I’m glad he included this in his autobiography. It was clearly an important turning point in his life, contributing to his family breakdown and I admire his decision to include it.

I love watching Sensing Murder and I enjoyed learning more about Kelvin and his past, although this book isn’t for everyone. His second book, Bridging the Gap was published in April 2011, and I’d definitely like to read it in the future.

My rating = ***

That’s my four bucks!


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  1. Shane / Jun 14 2011 11:12 pm

    Pffft. How ridiculous.

  2. Tracey / Jun 15 2011 10:51 am

    This book isn't for everyone, and I definitely wouldn't be recommending this one for you.

  3. Shane / Jun 15 2011 11:41 am

    Sorry, couldn't help myself 😉

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