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January 25, 2010 / Tracey

Review: Out of the Shadows | Kay Hooper

Having read the first two in the Shadows series by Kay Hooper, Stealing Shadows and Hiding in the Shadows, I was really disappointed when I’d finished reading Out of the Shadows. This novel was nowhere near the same standard of writing as the first or second. Sheriff Miranda Knight is psychic and has escaped to a small town in America, where she has changed her name to escape her past.

Miranda’s past is referred to throughout the book, however the complete story came far too late and after waiting so long to find out, it was almost an anti-climax.

The tension/romance between FBI Agent Bishop and Sheriff Miranda Knight annoyingly detracted from the plot in which young people were being murdered in the town. The snow storm was a cliche and I found myself rolling my eyes at the predictability of certain points.

I read about the hunt for the murderer with interest and the ending was satisfying, however in general this was an average read. I would enjoy reading about further cases featuring this team of FBI Agents made up of psychics and those with special abilities, so I’ll leave myself open to reading further books by Kay Hooper in the future.

My rating = **

That’s my four bucks!


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  2. Shane / Jan 31 2010 5:27 am

    Ergh, what an ugly piece of spam that is here in comments!I give its story development, shallow characters and repetitive coding only half a star.

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