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January 9, 2007 / Tracey

Review: The 5th Horseman | James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

Reading a book by James Patterson is always a pleasure because it is so quick and easy to read. The 5th Horseman is another crime fiction novel in the Women’s Murder Club series, and although I prefer the Alex Cross series, this book was ok. The last few James Patterson books have been co-authored, and this one was co-authored by Maxine Paetro.

The best Patterson co-author book I’ve read so far would have to be The Jester, co-written with Andrew Goss. The Jester was set in medieval times, (instant plus) but Goss seemed to add so much to Patterson’s easy writing style to make for a spectacular plot.

It was disappointing that Paetro didn’t seem to add anything to this plot, except perhaps for the ‘girlie’ influence which drove me nuts. I don’t know any girl that refers to her friend as ‘butterfly’ or who goes for a run after 30 hours without sleep and then has a pizza.

I’m committed to reading every Patterson, but if you aren’t already a fan, this book won’t convert you.

My rating = **

That’s my four bucks!


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  1. Octavia / Nov 10 2008 11:23 am

    Good post.

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