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September 30, 2006 / Tracey

Review: September 11 – From The Inside | Rubram Fernandez

The anniversary of September 11 this year was accompanied by a myriad tv shows and documentaries. I watched them all of course.

Several months ago, I heard about a book called September 11 – From The Inside by Rubram Fernandez and ordered it from my favourite bookstore with the intention of reading it in September. After waiting two months for the book to be shipped from USA, I couldn’t wait to read the novel claiming to ‘stir deep emotion in the reader’. 

Well it certainly did do that, except the emotion was disappointment!!! This was the most ridiculous attempt at recreating the events from inside the World Trade Centre buildings, with pathetic descriptions. 

Here’s one pathetically amusing excerpt: 
“the sight of dozens dead white doves made the scene remind one of a documentary on the effects of the atomic bomb.”

It was almost an insult to the victims and their families to print such rubbish, and I’m annoyed now that I bought the book, but I was ‘sucked in’ by the subject matter.

Don’t buy/read this book.

That’s my four bucks!


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